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yay this is mellissa and jessika community yay yay
well hope u enjoy join if u want this is a quote community and friend communty this is a way to make friend find cool quote make fun of bad song lyrics and get an awsome layout enjoy

1. u have to camment alot
2. dont post alot of blinkies that just bugs us u can sume times but to much is too much
3. you cant harrass paople in the community doin
so will lead to being banned :(
3. just so we know u read the rules if u aplly to the quote part put melly is a loser in the subject
and if u are goin to give your application for getting overides then put jessika is a freak okay!!!
5. no commenting unless u have been you have filled out an application!
6. if u are gonna put pictures of yourself which you can if u want put it behind a lj cut!
7. have fun and tell us wen we need to change or add rules!!

Application to join for the quote part of this commuity you must have one of these filled out so we know you in order to comment no is is goin to vote on who gets in but if u dont have this u arent alowwed in our community

what do u think about.....
george bush:
Paris Hilton:

fav quote:
anything else:
why should we let u join

Application if u want us to do your layout or answer any questions u have !!

Desired Username:
make sure it's not already taken.

Reason You Want It:


The I Need Help Please Request Form:

Free or paid account:

Example of layout desired:
(please provide username of persons lj you've seen and would like your lj looking like, if you have seen one)

Description of layout desired:
(example: layout to the side, red colour theme, personal comments links to the left of entries)

Will you provide images for someone to work with?:

Any additional infomation we should know?:

mod: 0osoapo0
co mod: poisonlovex

thanks and enjoy!!!

ps remeber if u got banned plese do not post or commment!!!
<marquee> yay for losers and freaks <marquee>